Sunday, 26 February 2017

Potion Making

The learners in Te Kakano, have been out side enjoying the warm weather. We set up a potion station, where they could explore making mixtures and role playing cooking and sharing.  

One Friday, we read a book called Yuck Soup. This is a story about some aliens who decide to make soup, but they don't necessarily choose the best ingredients! After we read the book we all had a turn at making a brew. We set out lots of different materials our learners could use, such as water, leaves and flowers, seeds, spices and colourings, as well as a little glitter!  

We discovered what happens to some of the materials when they are placed in water. Some of our mixtures smelt good, others not so! But we had lots of fun experimenting and comparing. The teachers did a lot of modelling on how to pretend to taste - they were pretty full of soup at the end!        


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