Sunday, 26 February 2017

Learning in Te Kakano

In Te Kakano, we explore, discover and work together through our play; we learn as we play. 
We have been establishing our environment and relationships over the last few weeks. 


We have also been exploring learning our letters and numbers through play. 

We were interested to know what our learners thought so far about play and learning. So we asked them and this is what they said: 

"I like making a marble run and making the marbles go fast," by Hamish.

"I like Reading to Self and Writing to Self because  I like learning," by Lawrie.

"I like drawing with the chalk. I am learning how to write my name," by Brayden.

"The marbles stop and go into the marble box and then we can make the marbles go down again," by Jeremiah.

"We build blocks like robots. We play them," by William.

"I like to Write to Self. It is fun because I am learning words," by Jesse.

"I like the play dough because I have lots of ideas," by Maryam.

"I like Read to Self because I see words I know," by Aayla.

"I like getting the rings. I dive under the water and get the rings," by Darcy.

"I like Write to Self because we are learning how to write," by Kairangi.

"I like reading the books on the bean bags," by Mitchell L.

"I like the marble run and the blocks. You get to know how to make things slow down and get faster," by Jared.

"I like playing with the blocks. We build houses and we play with them," by Mitchell S.

"I like drawing the numbers on the whiteboard. I am learning my numbers," by Alba.

"I like swimming because I want to learn how to go under water," by Charley

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