Sunday, 26 March 2017

Our City

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In Te Kakano the  learners made houses out of cylinders. The houses were all different and unique and a variety of materials were used to make roofs, doors, windows etc. When they were all completed we decided to build a city. Our city had an airport with planes, a zoo, an army base with a tank, a school, a park and of course all of our houses.  

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Mailbox

This week Te Kakano have been busy making envelopes, writing letters, cards and messages and posting them into the new mailbox we have created.

Thank you to Trish for the great ignition and for helping the children create the Mail Box.

An Idea for Home

Encourage your child to write some letters at home to grandparents or friends. 

Can they make an envelope?  

We also watched this story about a letter that you might want to watch again with them.

The Letter by N.D.Byma

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Painting Techniques

For Friday Surprise Day tomorrow, Te Kakano is going to be exploring with painting techniques. We will be experimenting with different materials to create different textures. We have tested some materials we found in our classroom today, but there may be other materials that your child would like to bring from home.

Below is a video that our learners watched today and gives some ideas about materials they could use.

Painting With Different Objects for Preschoolers : Preschool Teacher Tips - SafeShare.TV

We look forward to sharing our findings with you....