Wednesday, 25 November 2015

End of year school trip

Yip -pee Room 5 is going on a school trip!
On the 9th of December (Wednesday) Room 5 is going on a class trip to Rumpus Room and Brooklands Zoo.
We will be leaving school at 10am and travelling to Brooklands Zoo.  We will have a fun play there and eat our packed morning tea. We will leave Brooklands Zoo just after 11.30 and head over to Rumpus Room.  We are booked in at the Rumpus Room from 12-2pm and a simple lunch will be provided.  
We do need transport for this trip so please indicate below if you are able to help out.  If you are unable to assist with transport could you please leave your child’s booster seat in room 5 on the morning of our trip. Please be aware you can only transport  children if your vehicle has a current warrant of fitness, registration and you hold a full license.
If it is wet we will have a fun morning in the hall playing games and we will leave school at 11.45.  Parents helping with transport can ring the school to check if we are going to Brooklands Zoo dependent on weather.
Your child will need a hat, morning tea, a water bottle, sunblock and good walking shoes.

Friday, 20 November 2015

A visit to Kindy to see how they reduce rubbish.

On Thursday we popped over to Kindy to see what 'systems' they use to reduce rubbish.
They have so much going on!

They use a compost bin to break down all the leaves that fall off the trees.

They have a lasagne garden.... that breaks down all the cardboard that would normally fill our landfill!

But BEST of all they have 3 worm farms!

These worm farms are filled with Tiger Worms and they eat up all the food scraps!

The worm 'cast' (poos) is great for fertilising the garden and the Kindy even sell the worm wees too!

Can you find the tiger worms?

This is a new one ready to be set up.

And this is one some of our kids have helped to set up

But it wasn't all hard work and learning.... we managed to have a play too.
Thanks Kahikatea Kindergarten for having us to visit!

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Pizza Pizza Pizza!!!!

Room 5 have won a competition!
We recorded the best result for biking, walking and running to school and we have won a pizza lunch!! 
(good thing we had done all that exercise!)

This will take place on 
MONDAY 30 NOVEMBER - each child gets two pieces of pizza so will not need a lunch packed that day.  The children have already placed their orders - but pop in and ask the teachers if you have any questions.


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Transition To school

Transition to school can be both an exciting and scary prospect for all involved.  Jumpstart PreSchool wanted to make that process a bit easier for some of their students and invited us to come a visit for morning.  We gladly accepted - especially when they said they would send their bus to pick us up!

What an adventure!

We had such a wonderful time - our kids felt VERY grown up.  Many thanks to Amy and her team for the warm welcome.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

What an amazing turnout today!

We are SO SO LUCKY to have such an amazing community - supporting their children's education.
We appreciate your support so much!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Harold and the Life Education Trust came to Frankley.

We learnt so much about how we keep our bodies working the very best they can.  Thanks Harold!

CAUGHT YOU!!! Having fun at school

So I know our posts should share our children's learning - but couldn't resist sharing these pics I came across when updating the kids blogs.  We do HEAPS of learning in Room 5 - and best of all these pics show we LOVE BEING AT SCHOOL!

Thanks Room 5 for giving me a giggle whilst updating blogs on a Saturday!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Fill your bucket winners

In Room 5 we have a daily challenge.  Our challenge is for every child to "Fill their bucket".   They can do this with pom poms that are given to them by the teacher for being kind, helping others, using lovely manners, and generally being a caring person.  Every Wednesday when both Mrs Johnson and Mrs Parkes are in class, we count our pom poms and congratulate our winner.

We would love for you to comment on our slideshow as it grows to share the winners each week.

What's Happening In November?

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Another busy month at Frankley School!