Monday, 30 May 2016

Junior Assembly 20th May

Here is our performance at Junior Assembly on Friday 20th May.
The song was called 'Can you click your Tongue?'

The children in our class who received certificates were Joyce Jones and Hadley Surgenor.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

More Creepy Crawly Traps

Hi Parents/Caregivers

We have been investigating different ways to trap creepy crawlies for our WIT unit.  If you can send a potato and/or fizzy plastic bottle to school from tomorrow (Friday) til Wednesday next week then we can make some more traps to try and catch some creepy crawlies.

If we can find some creepy crawlies then we can observe, identify and classify them.

Thanks for your help!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Pukeiti Visit

When we arrived at Pukeiti we had morning tea.

On Friday 13th May Room 5 visited Pukeiti.  We had an amazing time.  Here are some of our pictures showing some of the experiences we had there.

We looked at a whole lot of different creepy crawlies and talked to each other about them.  e.g How many legs the creepy crawlies had.

We had a stick insect competition to see who could hold the same pose for the longest time.  Guess who won?  Ask someone from Room 5 and see if they can tell you. 

We went on a creepy crawlie hunt and used some traps to find them in the bush.  We tipped the dirt from the trap into a container so we could observe closely what creepy crawlies were there.

 Ask someone from Room 5 if they can tell what the name of this tree is.  We saw lots at Pukeiti and have even found some in our own bush.

The children were all very brave and went inside the giant rata tree and through a tunnel.  Check their blog to see their picture.

We even got to dig out a baby plant (seedling) and plant it into our own pot to take home.

A huge thank you to Kevin Archer and Pukeiti for showing us around and for giving us such an amazing experience.  Thank you to all the parents that took cars and helped out with groups at Pukeiti.  A great day had by all!!! 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Junior Assembly

This week it is our first Junior Assembly for 2016.

Friday 20th May at 2:25pm in Room 3

Each of the junior rooms (R1,2,3,4) will be doing an item.

Please feel free to come along to watch if you want to.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Jump Start Visit

What exciting news.  Next Wednesday Room 5 is going for a visit to Jump Start Early Childhood Center on Barrett Road.  We are taking the Jump Start bus and will be leaving school at 9.45 and getting back to school at about 11.45.  This is a very exciting trip for those children in our class who used to go to Jump Start.  We know they are looking forward to sharing and showing the other children around the center.

Just a reminder that school finishes at 12.50 pm tomorrow (Tuesday) due to student led conferences.  If you have not booked a time yet it is not to late.  There was a notice about student led conferences recently and on it there is a link to book a time on line.  Otherwise please contact the office.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Library Day change

Library Day is now Wednesdays!

We have changed our library day to Wednesday because both Mrs Johnson and Mrs James are at school on that day.  

So remember to bring your library books on Wednesdays!