Monday, 25 June 2018

Music with Mrs Aiello

Thank you Mrs Aiello for the wonderful Monday music sessions.
Te Kakano and Te Puawai have been extremely lucky to experience these.
We have learnt many new songs, played a variety of instruments and had a lot of fun.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Grandparents Day

Frankley School Grandparents and Special Friend Day. 
Thursday 14 June

All grandparents and special friends are most welcome to visit Frankley School.

Please note, you are welcome to drive in and park in the school car park if this is needed. If you need to be closer to the school please came past the hall to the concrete area.

Order of events

11.20: Grandparents and Special friends arrive at school. Please come into the
hall and take a seat on the side closest to the bush.
We will welcome you to Frankley School and our students will have a few items to share/perform in the hall.
11.35: Your grandchild or special younger friend will take you to their Learning Hub (classroom) where they will have some activities planned for you.
12.30: Please make your way back to the hall where you are welcome to join Mrs McAllister for a cup of tea/coffee.
Your grandchild/special friend will come and get you from the hall for lunch. You are asked to bring lunch for yourself or you might choose to share this with your grandchild/special younger friend.
1.40 : Grandparents/special friends leave and Frankley children go back to class

Thank you so much for coming!