Wednesday, 25 November 2015

End of year school trip

Yip -pee Room 5 is going on a school trip!
On the 9th of December (Wednesday) Room 5 is going on a class trip to Rumpus Room and Brooklands Zoo.
We will be leaving school at 10am and travelling to Brooklands Zoo.  We will have a fun play there and eat our packed morning tea. We will leave Brooklands Zoo just after 11.30 and head over to Rumpus Room.  We are booked in at the Rumpus Room from 12-2pm and a simple lunch will be provided.  
We do need transport for this trip so please indicate below if you are able to help out.  If you are unable to assist with transport could you please leave your child’s booster seat in room 5 on the morning of our trip. Please be aware you can only transport  children if your vehicle has a current warrant of fitness, registration and you hold a full license.
If it is wet we will have a fun morning in the hall playing games and we will leave school at 11.45.  Parents helping with transport can ring the school to check if we are going to Brooklands Zoo dependent on weather.
Your child will need a hat, morning tea, a water bottle, sunblock and good walking shoes.


  1. How exciting Room 5!! Fingers crossed for a sunny day 🌝. I would love to join you.

    Elsie's mum

  2. Wow, Will has started at the best time! I would love to help and join in all the fun!