Monday, 8 August 2016

Finding out on Fridays - Literacy

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Where is that sound coming from??

On Friday we used our senses to think of words to describe popcorn.

We had to look really carefully at what the popcorn looked like as it came out of the popcorn maker. 

We gave ideas to Mrs O'Dowda using words to describe the different things we saw, heard, smelt, touched and tasted.

            MMMMMMmmmmmm Popcorn!!!!!


  1. Hi everyone
    It certainly looked like fun when I came in. I thought you all brainstormed some good words together to help with your writing. Was the popcorn nice?

  2. Pop corn looks really yummy guys you did a good job on trying to taste touch smell and feel the pop corn. We love pop corn as well. What did it taste like? from
    Luca and Kaisei