Monday, 15 August 2016

Book Club

Each Friday, we get together in our Book Club groups. We get to share the books that we have read during the week. We can read the whole book or choose our favourite parts of the book. While we read, the rest of our group listen and then ask us relevant questions. 

 This week we came up with some questions we could ask each other about our books, such as: 
1. What is the name of your favourite book?
2. What is your favourite page and why?
3. Describe your favourite character
4. How does the story make you feel and why? 
We will keep adding to these questions as we learn more. 

We really enjoy sharing our books and look forward to listening to other stories. 
We can even bring in our favourite books from home if we wanted to. Last week Mrs James shared one of her favourite books called "The Hungry Caterpillar" and Mrs O shared "The Tiger Who Came to Tea". 

What are some of your favourite books? 

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  1. you guys look like you read some very hard books for your age i read hard books to. is it a good choice for you? do you enjoy it? in our class we need to find a good choice book.