Monday, 12 October 2015

Welcome to Term Four

Monday 12 October 2015

Welcome to Term 4!

Wow and what a fantastic term we have ahead of us!  This term we are starting with 15 children in Room 5, and Mrs Johnson and Mrs Parkes can’t wait to get started!

Dates for you to be aware of for the start of term :

Week One :
We need large jars (empty and clean) to come to school.  We need these to create some art masterpieces for our School Carnival which will be held on Sunday 8 November.  We would love for every child to bring one or two large jars with fitting lids please. The larger the jar the better!

Week Two:
We have Student Learning conferences on Tuesday 20 October starting at 2.00pm.  Please be aware that school will close that day at 12.50pm.  They are also on Wednesday 21 October starting at 3.30.  The school will send you an email for how to book the time that suits you.  It is important to note that these are NOT teacher/parent interviews.  This is an opportunity for your child to share with you their learning in Room 5.  If you have a query or a concern about your child’s learning and or well-being at school please come and see Tina or Wendy to arrange a teacher/parent interview, at a later date. 

Week Three:
Labour Day on Monday – No school!
There will be LOTS of notes coming home about the carnival so please check your child’s bag. 
We encourage the use of sunblock at school.  Please put it on before school and we will remind the children to reapply throughout the day.  Summer is on its way it is a rule that the children wear hats at morning tea, lunchtime and sports sessions.  Drink bottles are also necessary in these warmer months.
Also for our new families you children can order a piece of pizza on a Friday for $2 (Hawaiian and Meatlovers only) or a frozen juicee for  $2, for school fundraising.

Tina and Wendy are excited about this term – we have lots of fun learning planned and we thank you in advance for your wonderful support.

Please remember our door is always open, for you to come and see us if you have a question, concern or something exciting to share.

Tina and Wendy.

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