Sunday, 25 October 2015

Some reminders for our new parents.

School life is so busy, and often we take for granted that you know what is going mum reminded me that we should be updating parents  of what goes on at school - sorry!

It is so important that you come in and ask if you are ever unsure - Tina and Wendy are more than happy to answer your questions.

We have a school assembly every two weeks. On the sign outside the gate it tells you when the next assembly is and what class is hosting it.  All whanau are welcome at our assemblies. On the alternate weeks we have a Junior school assembly.  This week ( on Friday the 30th) it will be Room 5's turn to host assembly.  Wish us luck!

On Fridays also there is the opportunity for your child to purchase pizza for lunch.  This money goes to our home and school fundraising  committee - thus back to our students.  One slice of pizza is $2 and you can order either Hawaiian or Meatlovers.  You can also order a 'Juicee' ( a frozen iceblock) for $2.  On  a friday morning you will see senior students set up either outside the hall or the office to take your orders.

Room 5's library day is WEDNESDAY.  Please make sure your child has their library books and book bags at school each Wednesday.
School starts at 9.00am.  Parents are not to drive into the school grounds to drop off their children.  Please park outside the school and walk in.

And last but no least - PLEASE check your child's hair this week for creepy crawlies. 

 We have an issue with HEADLICE in Room 5.  Anyone CAN and DOES get headlice - it does not mean your hygiene is bad.  It does mean you need to continue to check your child's hair weekly as 'Nits ' are cunning and hard to get rid of.  There is a website called 'Eternal Essence' ( based in Waitara) that sells a soap that I have been assured is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, COST EFFECTIVE AND NATURAL.  One treatment will not get rid of nits... you need to revisit weekly at least.  You can also purchase a 'RobiComb' from pharmacies - this seeks out the lice and zaps them in the process!  It is expensive but a good way to check hair on a regular basis - and I am sure cost effective in the long run.

On Wednesday both Tina and Wendy will be out of the class as we are on CRT release.  During  time we write reports, sort out resources and take the time to assess our students.  Mrs Jayne Rogers will be in class on Wednesday.

On Monday 2nd November there will be a Teacher Only Day at school.  There is no school for your child on this day.  The teachers will be involved in training.
Please pop in to see us if there are any questions about anything this week.

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend.
Tina and Wendy.

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