Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Why do we blog at Frankley School?

Hi there Room 5 followers.

Very shortly, the dynamic duo will  be setting up your child's individual blog. This is a place for them to showcase their learning activities.  It provides an opportunity for family who may not be able to just pop into class to see what we are up to in Room 5. 
It is a learning blog.  
It shows achievement and learning over time.  
We welcome positive quality comments that:

  • Compliment the learner.
  • Make a connection to the topic.
  • Ask a question to encourage conversation and further thought.
We are very aware of cyber safety and we can assure you all posts/blogs will be carefully monitored.
Have a look at the 'Hectors World' link (highlighted words here).  This site provides information about being a Digital Citizen.  We will be using this site to explain the importance of being a Digital Citizen  to our students in Room 5 as it is a fun, interactive page that can be easily understood by children, with teacher and parent guidance.  

What can you do?

Please subscribe to follow your child's blog.  Take the time to look at their blog when something new is posted and chat with them about their quality learning. Add a comment to their post, so they can see you are celebrating their learning journey. 

This is a new and exciting journey for us as well and we are learning along with your child.  If you have any questions or assistance to give BOTH will be gratefully accepted!

Many Thanks
Tina and Wendy.

1 comment:

  1. Kia Ora Room 5,

    I think blogging is a very fun and cool thing to do to show your learning in Room 5 at Frankley School. Blogging is a very cool thing to know how to do it in your life.
    I have my own blog and you can click on the LINK to see my blog if you wish to see what I have on my blog.

    From Shannon, A year six leader!