Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Fill your bucket.

Fill your bucket in Room 5

How do you feel when your bucket is full?
How do you make sure other people have a full bucket?

What on earth are we talking about to Room 5 children?

In this blog we are  sharing with you our class reward system we will use in 2015 - interweaving the language of our Key Attitudes:
Open mindedness

We are using buckets and Pom Poms in Room 5 to show the children how important it is to use Manners, Help Others, Respect each other and our environment, and generally feel good about ourselves. When we see or do these behaviours we can give the child a pom pom to place in their bucket or someone else's. When our buckets are full we can see we are doing the right thing... and we feel HAPPY.

This is a colourful, fun way to learn how to enjoy and care for our class mates.

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