Sunday, 9 July 2017

Visit to the Locals Cafe

What an adventurous and fun 'Friday Surprise Day' we had on the last day of term.  Mrs James and Mrs Johnson took us on a surprise trip.  We all had to put on our jackets and walking shoes and off we went on a mystery walk.

It was a little cold and wet but we didn't mind as we walked up towards the school gate.

We had to walk up the big hill on Tukapa street but we all persevered.  Where were we going?  Ava thought we might be going to her house.

Wow we are here!  We have come to the Locals Cafe.

Robyn who owns the cafe is Mitchell L's mum.  She has kindly let us visit her cafe.  It is very busy inside so we are going to try to be very quiet.  Robyn is showing us around the kitchen where they make the food.

This is one of the cooks.  They were very busy cooking the delicious food.

This lady washes the dishes.  She uses a very hot dishwasher.  Her job is very important otherwise there would be no clean plates to eat from!

The people that make the coffee are called baristas.

We looked at all of the food in the big fridges and saw an enormous mixer that mixes the ingredients up.

YUMMY!!!!  We each got a warm bagel, a hot chocolate and a chocolate fish to eat.

When we left we said a big thank you to Robyn.  Robyn gave us a pen each and some note pads so we could play cafe's back at school.

When we got back to school Kairangi wanted to write Robyn a letter to say thank you.  Great idea Kairangi.  Lots  of the other children decided they wanted to play cafes!

Asher is being the customer and Noah is taking his order at the table.

Autumn and Romeo decided to be the baristas.  Mmmmmm that coffee and hot chocolate smells good.

Lawrie and Asher are  ready to take orders with their note pads.

I wonder what Kairangi is ordering?  Jake is busy on the till.

Asher is now the cook.  He is flipping the food over in the kitchen.

Giuliana is sitting in the cafe enjoying a lovely hot chocolate.  What a nice way to end our day.


  1. What a fantastic day you had Te Kakano .... hmmmmm now I wonder which of you is able to make me a special coffee ? Thanks for sharing.
    Mrs Parkes

  2. What a great idea Te Kakano to go to check out a real cafe to help with play in your classroom. Kairangi couldn't stop talking about it! I'm just wondering if Mrs Johnson and Mrs James brought me any cinnamon scrolls back?! Tino pai Kairangi for writing a thank you letter.