Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Our Visit to Jump Start

 On Wednesday the 25th of May Room 5 was lucky enough to visit Jump Start Early Childhood Center.  Brad our bus driver picked us up from school on the Jump Start bus........we were off!!!  
There was alot to do there.  There was a family corner,

a painting area,

magnetic equipment that we could make 3-D shapes out of,

and an amazing outdoor area!

We had a lovely morning tea there.  Yum thank you jump start.

We even saw big, fat and hairy caterpillars on the swan plants.

It was fun discovering what creepy crawlie was hidden inside the playdough.

Jordey loved using the wooden blocks,trays and planks to create an amazing and detailed tower.  Jordey did you like to use the wooden building blocks when you used to go to Jump Start?

Just before we left we sang the children at Jump Start a waita.  We enjoyed listening and learning the songs Jump Start sang back to us.  Thank you Jump Start for having us as your visitors.  We loved seeing where some of our room 5 children used to go before they came to Frankley School.


  1. Wow is that FRUIT on your plate Jimmy ? You should visit jumpstart more often ��

  2. Jordey loved this visit and yes building with the blocks was definitely a favorite thing to do!