Sunday, 20 March 2016

Ata Hikoi (Trend Carefully)

The living creatures within rock pools have amazing shapes and patterns.

Through careful observation, and with the use of photography, we will discover and capture the beauty of these patterns.

Our task is to make a batik artwork using the shapes, textures, pattern and natural symmetry that we found in the rock pools.

This is the topic the junior school is focusing on for the next few weeks.  The process of learning how to create batik is very exciting.  This Tuesday room 5 is travelling to the Len Lye Centre to learn how to create batik.
We will be travelling by bus, leaving school at 10.30 and returning by 12.50.  Our session runs from 11.00 until 12.15.  We would love you to join us. 
You will need to pay $5 if you have not paid the Activity Fee.
We also have a trip planned for visiting the Rock Pools on Thursday the 31st March.  Leaving school at 9.15.  We will need parent helpers for this trip.  A notice will come out this week with all the details.

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